Design consulting

You have a good taste and you do know how your dream interior should look like, but you need a professional assistance in any executive docs (for constructors) or you have some doubts in the colour match, you are welcome to ask us! We will be pleased to help you in this fascinating process.

Interior design package 

From the idea to realization. We may take the responsibility for the whole process. We start from concept development, we will create the perfect variant for you, we together mau «walk through» you future interior in 3D. Then we prepare the executive documentation for the cinstructors. Also we may supervise the construction process and other contracts (suppliers, administration and so on).

Decorator’s advice 

Sometimes we need just to change the feeling of the space aroundd, we want it to be more lively. Or it might be a nice occasion/ celebration coming and there is an opportunity to make the special atmosphere? There is no need to spend lots of money and time, there are some good design tips that help you to change the emotions and give a second breath to the space! 

Design stores visits

This might be a night mare for some people. If you want to find something that is the perfect match for your space but you have no idea where you can find it. Sometimes we come to a big design and decoration store that is full of nice and fabilous stuff, it seems you got to a treasure island, but at the same time you feel lost in this ocean of choice. It happens sometimes that peolple leave the shop without anything but exhausted. In this case we may accompony you in this trip and help to find your real treasure because we do have experience and we know the assortment!

Furniture design 

We may design any piece of furniture or any interior or art object for you! We have an amazing and talented people in our international team! we will definately do the exclusive thing for you!

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