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Evgenia Ignatova — interior designer, design consultant, teacher and Ignatova Interiors studio founder.

«It’s a great happyness to find your own way. Design is my lifestyle and the way I think, it’s constant process of education and inspiration. 

In my first interview with a client I’m listening and listening and listening, because it’s the only way to know the person, his personal wishes, needs, feelings. Only knowing all these I can create a really personal and comfortable atmosphere for my client. It is not about the style, it’s always about people. Design should make life more happy and joyful, comfortable and uplift client’s life on a better level. Then it’s my goal to complete client’s brief 100% using my design experience and skills. 

In my projects I’m paying special attention to the materials and textures: everything we touch should be pleasant and fill us with warm emotions. We are always looking for inspiration in nature, we want to be close to it in our everyday life doesn’t matter if we live on the seaside or in a megapolis. Natural wood, soft wool, gentle silk, bright colours, candle light and delicate aroma and people we love make the home whereever we are!»

Evgenia graduated Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona, Spain in 2007. After studying foreign languages and marketing and working in marketing management several years, she found her real vication in design field. Since that moment education never stops: workshops, international fairs and conferences, contacts with colleagues and friends from all over the world - also become part of Evgenia’s life and daily inspiration.

Since 2012 Evgenia also teaching Design Creative and Design Management in Moscow (British School of Art and Design and other schools in Russia). In 2013 Evgenia founded an international educational project for interior designers in Barcelona - Design Experience. Together with Alessandro Scarnato (Italian architect and designer, www.blast.es) they created an intense practice course on design management skills (more design-experience.ru).

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